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We are incredibly proud of the quality of our products and we put this at the forefront of everything we do. We have a dedicated quality team who check and release all our raw materials and finished products and all our teams are all trained to the latest industry standards. 

We are regularly audited by customers and have a fully approved MHRA compliant manufacturing facility along with auditing all our suppliers to ensure what we are buying, selling, manufacturing and shipping is fit for purpose.


Each of our products can undergo multiple checks before it is sent out of our facility:

1. Checks before manufacture

Pharmacists approve documentation before manufacture to ensure the products meet the right safety and quality requirements. All materials are tested before use to ensure their suitability.

2. Checks during manufacture

We have a dispensary management system which ensures the correct material and the right quantity are used for all products which are manufactured.

3. Checks after manufacture

All products and documentation are checked by the quality team before the products are released to ensure they are fit for purpose.

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