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Our people

At BCM Specials, we employ a team of dedicated individuals and our passion for specials is at the heart of everything we do.

Our customer services team

Your journey begins here; with our friendly customer services team. Our staff are highly knowledgeable and dedicated, and are the primary contact for all customer orders and enquiries. They are your link to the rest of the BCM Specials business. 

Our manufacturers

Orders get passed onto our manufacturing experts who, on a daily basis, take an immense amount of pride and passion in what they do. Our manufacturers are integral to our operation and are key to delivering life saving medicines to patients across the UK.

Our pharmacists

We have a team of pharmacists, who bring experience from across the hospital, community and industry sectors, and who play a number of vital roles within our business:

Working alongside the Quality Assurance Compliance teams, our pharmacists develop and release all specials products prior to despatch to our customers, ensuring that appropriate industry regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) are adhered to at all times.

The pharmacist team also supports the customer services team as they take orders, providing professional advice to customers on a wide range of matters relating to specials.

Our purchasing team

Our Purchasing Manager works closely with our suppliers to ensure that we maintain a safe level of stock of all our raw materials, which in turn enables us to provide a continuity of supply of medicines for our customers. Our purchasing manager strives to ensure that we purchase our medicines and raw materials at fair and competitive rates and at good quality from approved suppliers helping us to help you reduce your drug costs.


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